Are you on the GPS map?

GPS Registrar™ Inc.
The exclusive provider of GPS-LDT® (GPS Location Data Tag) Listing Service
Roadside Advertising in a Digital World

Are you on the Map?

Does your business have a sign on the digital superhighway? Can people find your business when they search an online map or use a Global Positioning System (GPS)? GPS units are predicted to have 78 million users by the end of 2010.  Not only do GPS devices tell you how to get there, they can now help you choose where to go. Make sure you business is a roadside destination in the digital world. GPS Registrar Inc. offers registration services to give you and your business the know-how and the tools to get on the digital map.

Attracting New Customers

Benefits of GPS Registrar™, Inc.:

  • Learn how to place your business or organization on a variety of digital maps
  • Understand the emerging consumer use of GPS technology in everyday activities
  • Make sure the available information about your business is correct
  • Learn how to maximize your organization’s digital map presence

Be Everywhere

What is GPS?

Global Positioning System technology uses mapping to show you where you are and how to get there. But now, people can also use GPS to decide where they should go – what restaurants, shops and parks lie ahead. This enhanced technology provides new opportunities to market businesses and communities.

Why GPS?

GPS devices, mobile phones and online maps guide visitors to points of interest in your community. GPS units are selling at a rate of 200,000 per month. An estimated 78 million people worldwide will be using GPS by the end of 2010. That number could jump to over a billion, because GPS chips are being imbedded in mobile phones and laptop computers. A third (34%) of buyers of GPS devices earn between $100,000 and $150,000 annually. About 45% make $75,000 or more.

GPS Registrar™ Inc.

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