Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Monthly Revenues (Average)

Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Monthly Revenues

Just wanted to share some sales figures for one of my frozen yogurt clients in Oklahoma. He opened his first self-serve frozen yogurt store in October 2010. Here are his sales revenues for 12 months: October 2010: $27,721 November 2010: $54,823 December 2010: $35,132 January 2011: $39,512 February 2011: $42,507 March 2011: $46,664 April 2011: $49,480 May 2011: $54,409 June 2011: $73,375 July 2010: $63,217 August 2011: $64,545 September 2011: $44,488 Total 12 Months Sales Revenue = $595,873.00 His take home after paying for food costs, overhead, labor plus manager’s salary was $107,257.14

Source: Sam Haider CE YO, Yogurt Store Online Training Center

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