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“Self Service Drives BIG Dollars for the Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Stores”

For Immediate Release:

“Self Service Drives BIG Dollars for the Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Stores”

2012 is the Year of Exponential Growth in the Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Business Model says Sam Haider of YSOTC.

Toronto Ontario, February 24th, 2012 ——— Customers want to create their own frozen yogurt treats more quickly, more accurately and having fund with lots of choices of frozen yogurt flavors and toppings. There is a lot of incentive for frozen yogurt chains to open self-serve locations.

Self-serve, pay-for-what-you-get yogurt is a brilliant business tactic. Most places provide excessively large cups, causing customers to frequently misjudge the size of their dessert. They pile on more yogurt and toppings than they could possibly need, and end up paying as much as $7 or $8 for something they would never have gotten if it weren’t for the massively sized cups.

The self-serve frozen yogurt stores don’t need much staff. The only labor needed to keep a self-serve fro-yo joint going is the restocking of the yogurt machines and toppings, and the weighing and ringing up of orders. You might question, then, why they have tip cups near the registers. So, self-serve yogurt is a win for everyone. Customers can get exactly what they want (or more than what they want) and enjoy the rewarding experience of personalizing their own dessert, and the business is burdened with very little work. And, as an added bonus, they get to squeeze a couple extra bucks out of each customer simply by providing oversized cups.

YSOTC (Yogurt Store Online Training Center by Sam Haider) Research indicates:

Self-service frozen yogurt business model can reduce considerable operating costs

Self service concept in the frozen yogurt settings can have staggering results:

85% increase in customer satisfaction

78% increase in customer retention

45% decrease in labor costs

Prepared by Sam Haider, CE YO; Sponsored by YSOTC Yogurt Store Online Training Center.

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Be The Next Froyo Millionaire!

Frozen yogurt business starting to heat up by Sam Haider

Frozen yogurt business starting to heat up
For Immediate Release: USA, Canada, Worldwide

Frozen yogurt business starting to heat up
More frozen yogurt stores, brands to tantalize taste buds

Thursday February 16, 2012 – In the dead of winter, albeit with warmer-than-normal temperatures, a cold war of sorts appears to be shaping up all across the USA and Canada.  Self-serve frozen yogurt shops pop up around all over North America as fans tout improved taste, texture and health benefits.

No fewer than 35 new frozen yogurt concepts are on the drawing board, girding for spring grand openings, with at least 25 more anticipated later this year as the summer heat sets in.

The self-serve stores beckon lovers of the dessert who sprinkle a variety of toppings on them — everything from fresh fruit and nuts to candy-bar crumbs and Gummi bears.

The surge in yogurt shops comes with the national market having downsized from the dessert in recent years. There once were hundreds of TCBY yogurt outlets nationally; now only few left. But the interest in the self-serve frozen yogurt treat is surging rapidly. “It’s a bit of resurgence,” said Elise Cortina, interim executive director for the National Yogurt Association in McLean, Va. “I like to call it a renaissance.”

For year ending June 2011, there were 121 million servings of frozen yogurt ordered at food-service outlets, up 8 percent from last year, according to NPD Group, a market research company. Frozen yogurt serving sales rose 8 percent between 2010 and 2011, NPD reported.

Besides the improved taste, consumers love the probiotics in the frozen yogurt culture — something frozen yogurt sellers and industry experts cite as a benefit – as a reason for her weekly indulgence.

Sam Haider, CE YO and Frozen Yogurt Guru thinks now is the time for aspiring entrepreneurs to start investing in self-serve frozen yogurt ventures. “I believe it is a growing industry and something that will do well whether economic times are good or not so good,” he said.

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It’s gonna be a hot summer for self-serve frozen yogurt by Sam Haider

The self-serve frozen yogurt shops are a growing business, despite recession

When you stroll through many of the nation’s malls and shopping strips lately, you see one shuttered store after another. And then there’s the self-serve fro-yo shops.

In Canada and across the good ole U.S.A., self-serve frozen yogurt shops are popping up like crazy this year —  primed to rival the “full-service” stars Pinkberry and Red Mango. All told, it’s a lot of fro-yo. According to the Los Angeles Business Journal, there were already 350 individual shops in L.A. County alone by early 2012.

Overall, the frozen dessert industry has grown by 16 percent per year since 2007, according to research firm, to become a $12.1 billion business — and much of that growth has been from frozen yogurt.

“The frozen yogurt sector is definitely growing,” said Edith Wiseman, VP of Client Solutions an Arlington, Va.-based franchise research firm FRANdata. “It’s an affordable, healthy treat.” “The frozen yogurt business is kind of like basketball — it’s a great sport, and so everyone wants to compete,” he said.

Another good indicator for the latest fro-yo craze: The companies that supply these stores are doing a rollicking business. Several major suppliers of custom-made and pre-made frozen yogurts, saw their 2010 sales go up by over 50 percent. The first half of fiscal year 2011 saw a 70-percent boost compared to last year, with a big surge in sales to single-unit stores.

A frozen-dessert franchise costs, on average, a little under $400,000 to open, according to FRANdata. That’s a bargain compared to a sit-down restaurant (over $900,000), but still twice as much as opening a party-supplies store ($200,000). Most companies use pre-made mixes, though some customize those mixes. Once a store is operating, it doesn’t need much staff — someone to weigh the yogurt and ring it up, basically, and perhaps someone to keep an eye on the machines and inventory.

The idea of fewer staffers actually appeals to customers such as Caroline Curson, who has seen a sudden proliferation of frozen yogurt shops near her college campus, and particularly likes the self-serve shops.

Side Note by Sam Haider: While a franchise store may cost $400K to open, you can have the same high quality self-serve frozen yogurt store for under $200,000 with expertise from YSOTC

In life timing is everything. This is the best time to start your own self-serve frozen yogurt store without the hassles and costs of franchise fees and never ending franchise royalty fees. Get started today with YSOTC

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You don’t have to pay $400K to a franchise. You can do it for under $200K.

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Fritzy’s Frozen Yogurt Opens 2nd Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Store via Sam Haider

For Immediate Release – February 9th, 2012

Fritzy’s Frozen Yogurt Opens 2nd Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Store

Toronto’s best yogurt store announces new grand opening in Aurora Ontario with a free froyo party.

Toronto, Ontario – February 9th, 2012 – Fritzy’s, the popular self-serve frozen yogurt store, announces the grand opening celebration of its Aurora area store opening.

The self-serve frozen yogurt shop, Fritzy’s, has become a sensation. Fritzy’s leads the industry in providing a first-class, healthy, non and low fat, genuine yogurt, pay by the ounce concept. Fritzy’s flavors like Pink Mochi, Birthday Cake, and Sweet Salted Caramel are favorites among loyal followers.

Fritzy’s offers a rotating selection of 12 flavors over 60 fresh-cut toppings and 17 sauces daily. At Fritzy’s, only the freshest products are used and flavors are created by mixing an array of premium yogurts and toppings.

About Fritzy’s:

Fritzy’s offers 12 rotating healthy, low and non fat yogurt flavors with over 60 toppings and 17 sauces daily. Fritzy’s only serves genuine yogurt that contains live and active cultures approved by the National Yogurt Association. Fritzy’s offers a simple and clean environment with nutritious frozen yogurt and deliciously fresh toppings set in a self-serve environment that allows you to create your own frozen masterpiece.

# # #

Contact: Sam Haider,

2012 is the year of Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Growth. Take action. Get started:

Fritzy's Frozen Yogurt via Sam Haider

Fritzys is the best by Sam Haider

Frozen Yogurt Advice

Fritzy's Soft-Serve Froyo Equipment via Sam Haider

2012 is the year of Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Growth. Take action. Get started:


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Start Your Own Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Opportunity by Sam Haider

The Self-Serve Froyo Opportunity by Sam Haider:

At YSOTC, we have turned a unique business model into a remarkable Profit-Generating machine. With plenty of help and assistance ranging from the science of making the best yogurt in the world to centralized ordering, product consistency, corporate branding, quality control and workflow management system, you can tap into this rapidly growing market in no time with the minimal amount of hassle, risk and investment.

It is quickly becoming a daily routine for people to stop into their favorite yogurt shop for a healthy treat. This repeat business model mirrors the same consumer habits that have made large fast food, juice bars and cafe business successful. Consumption of this product has been rapidly rising, and will continue to increase. Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt sales have tripled in the past year. Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt is now a $1.6 billion dollars a year industry and is projected to double over the next 3 years.

YSOTC’s self-serve model gives the customer an experience that allows them to make their yogurt exactly how they wish. There are no surprises and no mistakes, which allow customers to try new things without risk.  With a self-serve concept, the order line has been eliminated. Customers can take their time to make sure they know what they want or can run through and grab the usual as quick as they can pour it and pull out their pocketbook. Labor costs are lower since you need fewer employees, as you do not have to have an employee pouring the yogurt.

Visit for more information.

Sam Haider

Sam Haider - Self Serve Frozen Yogurt Guru

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