Start Your Own Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt Opportunity by Sam Haider

The Self-Serve Froyo Opportunity by Sam Haider:

At YSOTC, we have turned a unique business model into a remarkable Profit-Generating machine. With plenty of help and assistance ranging from the science of making the best yogurt in the world to centralized ordering, product consistency, corporate branding, quality control and workflow management system, you can tap into this rapidly growing market in no time with the minimal amount of hassle, risk and investment.

It is quickly becoming a daily routine for people to stop into their favorite yogurt shop for a healthy treat. This repeat business model mirrors the same consumer habits that have made large fast food, juice bars and cafe business successful. Consumption of this product has been rapidly rising, and will continue to increase. Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt sales have tripled in the past year. Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt is now a $1.6 billion dollars a year industry and is projected to double over the next 3 years.

YSOTC’s self-serve model gives the customer an experience that allows them to make their yogurt exactly how they wish. There are no surprises and no mistakes, which allow customers to try new things without risk.  With a self-serve concept, the order line has been eliminated. Customers can take their time to make sure they know what they want or can run through and grab the usual as quick as they can pour it and pull out their pocketbook. Labor costs are lower since you need fewer employees, as you do not have to have an employee pouring the yogurt.

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Sam Haider

Sam Haider - Self Serve Frozen Yogurt Guru

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