It’s gonna be a hot summer for self-serve frozen yogurt by Sam Haider

The self-serve frozen yogurt shops are a growing business, despite recession

When you stroll through many of the nation’s malls and shopping strips lately, you see one shuttered store after another. And then there’s the self-serve fro-yo shops.

In Canada and across the good ole U.S.A., self-serve frozen yogurt shops are popping up like crazy this year —  primed to rival the “full-service” stars Pinkberry and Red Mango. All told, it’s a lot of fro-yo. According to the Los Angeles Business Journal, there were already 350 individual shops in L.A. County alone by early 2012.

Overall, the frozen dessert industry has grown by 16 percent per year since 2007, according to research firm, to become a $12.1 billion business — and much of that growth has been from frozen yogurt.

“The frozen yogurt sector is definitely growing,” said Edith Wiseman, VP of Client Solutions an Arlington, Va.-based franchise research firm FRANdata. “It’s an affordable, healthy treat.” “The frozen yogurt business is kind of like basketball — it’s a great sport, and so everyone wants to compete,” he said.

Another good indicator for the latest fro-yo craze: The companies that supply these stores are doing a rollicking business. Several major suppliers of custom-made and pre-made frozen yogurts, saw their 2010 sales go up by over 50 percent. The first half of fiscal year 2011 saw a 70-percent boost compared to last year, with a big surge in sales to single-unit stores.

A frozen-dessert franchise costs, on average, a little under $400,000 to open, according to FRANdata. That’s a bargain compared to a sit-down restaurant (over $900,000), but still twice as much as opening a party-supplies store ($200,000). Most companies use pre-made mixes, though some customize those mixes. Once a store is operating, it doesn’t need much staff — someone to weigh the yogurt and ring it up, basically, and perhaps someone to keep an eye on the machines and inventory.

The idea of fewer staffers actually appeals to customers such as Caroline Curson, who has seen a sudden proliferation of frozen yogurt shops near her college campus, and particularly likes the self-serve shops.

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