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Frozen yogurt business starting to heat up by Sam Haider

Frozen yogurt business starting to heat up
For Immediate Release: USA, Canada, Worldwide

Frozen yogurt business starting to heat up
More frozen yogurt stores, brands to tantalize taste buds

Thursday February 16, 2012 – In the dead of winter, albeit with warmer-than-normal temperatures, a cold war of sorts appears to be shaping up all across the USA and Canada.  Self-serve frozen yogurt shops pop up around all over North America as fans tout improved taste, texture and health benefits.

No fewer than 35 new frozen yogurt concepts are on the drawing board, girding for spring grand openings, with at least 25 more anticipated later this year as the summer heat sets in.

The self-serve stores beckon lovers of the dessert who sprinkle a variety of toppings on them — everything from fresh fruit and nuts to candy-bar crumbs and Gummi bears.

The surge in yogurt shops comes with the national market having downsized from the dessert in recent years. There once were hundreds of TCBY yogurt outlets nationally; now only few left. But the interest in the self-serve frozen yogurt treat is surging rapidly. “It’s a bit of resurgence,” said Elise Cortina, interim executive director for the National Yogurt Association in McLean, Va. “I like to call it a renaissance.”

For year ending June 2011, there were 121 million servings of frozen yogurt ordered at food-service outlets, up 8 percent from last year, according to NPD Group, a market research company. Frozen yogurt serving sales rose 8 percent between 2010 and 2011, NPD reported.

Besides the improved taste, consumers love the probiotics in the frozen yogurt culture — something frozen yogurt sellers and industry experts cite as a benefit – as a reason for her weekly indulgence.

Sam Haider, CE YO and Frozen Yogurt Guru thinks now is the time for aspiring entrepreneurs to start investing in self-serve frozen yogurt ventures. “I believe it is a growing industry and something that will do well whether economic times are good or not so good,” he said.

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