Introducing Authentic Old World Greek Frozen Yogurt Soft-Serve Mix

Greek Frozen Yogurt by Yogurt Distribution Company

Greek Frozen Yogurt by Yogurt Distribution Company

Wednesday December 5th, 2012

Dear Frozen Yogurt Entrepreneur, Good Morning,

Greek Frozen Yogurt is HOT

We are pleased to introduce a very simple recipe that will create The Best Authentic Greek Frozen Yogurt.  We have created this simple yet authentic recipe for the lovers of Greek Frozen Yogurt. Here is the recipe:

1 gallon of water (128 ounces)
1 bag of YDC Greek Sweet with Honey Frozen Yogurt OR if you want tart yogurt then use 1 bag of YDC Greek Tart Frozen Yogurt. (FYI…both are very popular)

Mix the above well preferably with a hand mixer so that everything mixes well. Let it sit for 15 minutes so that everything mixes really well. Pour into the soft-serve machine for amazing Greek Tart Frozen Yogurt. It will yield 2 gallons of Greek Frozen Yogurt. If you like to create various flavors for example, Strawberry Greek Frozen Yogurt then add two ounces of Strawberry Magical Flavor to the mix.  We have excellent Greek Frozen Yogurt posters available at

Introducing Facebook Marketing Breakthrough with LikeBox

You already know the importance of constant marketing for your self-serve frozen yogurt business.  The more research I have done on Facebook Marketing, the more I am convinced that it is the most cost effective tool in gathering and profiting from your best customers (your repeat customers). During the process of my research, I learned that many brick and mortar retail stores are not leveraging the power of Facebook in their own stores.  This lead me to the idea of creating “LikeBox” – A Facebook LikeBox for your store to multiply your LIKES in-store and reaching your best customers to become your loyal and repeat customers. 

Click on the link to Check out  LikeBox is a small countertop ipad based machine that offers your customers the ability to LIKE your store in an instant while at your store.  You can offer them incentives so that you can multiply your LIKES and create an army of fans for your frozen yogurt brand.

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