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There Are Only Three Ways to Grow a Business

Additional Revenue Concepts

There Are Only Three Ways to Grow a Business

1. Increase the number of customers.
(Add New And Exciting Products on an Ongoing Basis)

2. Increase the average transaction value.
(Suggestive Selling – Up selling – Merchandising – In-Store Advertising)

3. Increase the frequency of repurchase.
(Customer Service – Customer Appreciation – Customer Loyalty – Customer Driven)

Find a way to maximize each one of the above with Additional Revenue Concepts, and your business will experience an astonishing rate of growth.

Grow Your “Daily Sales and Profits” with Additional Revenue Concepts

Whatever your business model, additional or ancillary revenue is an increasingly important and profitable revenue stream for your business. We create branded revenue concepts that will help you propel your daily sales and profits. Take immediate action today to add new revenue streams, new customers, new opportunities and new profits to your business with Additional Revenue Concepts. Check out


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New Soft Serve Mix Latest News, Recipes and Trend Blog by Sam Haider Soft Serve Guru

Check out the new soft serve ice cream, soft serve frozen yogurt and all things soft serve latest news, tips, recipes, and trends blog by Sam Haider the Soft Serve Guru aka Dr. Soft-Serve.  You can find the soft serve mix blog at

soft serve mix latest news blog by sam haider

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Dole Soft Serve and Frostline Frozen Treats in Canada

Yogurt Distribution Company is pleased to announce that Dole Soft Serve and Frostline Frozen Treats are now available in Canada.  Yogurt Distribution is Canadian Distributor of Dole Soft Serve and Frostline Frozen Treats.  Email to request more info and pricing.  Thank you!

dole soft serve canadafrostline frozen treats Canada

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Summer time is Ice Cream Time. Get the top soft-serve ice cream mix.

GPS Registrar™Inc. Blog

There’s nothing better on a hot summer day than classic vanilla soft-serve ice cream in a cone.  Sell your customers the best soft-serve ice cream and they will keep coming back to you for more.  Are you in the market to buy premium soft-serve ice cream mix at wholesale prices?  Look no further, check out Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix Supplier website.  Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix Supplier manufactures and distributes only the most premium quality soft-serve ice cream powder mix combined with Awesome Soft-Serve Ice Cream Flavor mixes called  Magical Flavors that offer unlimited flavoring option for your soft-serve ice cream.

Premium Ice Cream Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix Supplier

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EZShip offers FREE Shipping for new Canadian Business Customers

Dear Canadian Business Entrepreneur,

EZShip is pleased to offer first 3 Canadian shipments free.  EZShip offers discount shipping including Overnight Shipping, Ground Shipping, Air Freight, Less Than Truck Load (LTL), Full Truck Load (FTL), Packaging and Total Shipping Solutions. Simply send a quick email to to let us know of your shipping situation.  We respond fairly quickly. Be sure to claim your free shipping with EZShip right now.  Thank you.

Get Started with EZShip. Absolutely FREE to use.
Ship Anything From a Small Parcel, LTL to Air Freight.
Send Your First 3 Canadian Shipments (Express Letters) FREE !!!
Click Here To Claim Your Free Shipping with EZShip

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BIG NEWS: Toronto has a new free classified ads web site called

Check out the new totally free classified ads web site in Toronto  .  Create your own free ads in Toronto and sell your goods.  Check out for stuff to buy from your fellow Torontonians.

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Classii now shows up on, Toronto’s free classifieds web site, all ads now show up on Check it out at

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Nice e-commerce and online stores

Nice e-commerce and online stores

I was able to set up an e-commerce web site.  Check it out. 

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Coronary Stents Expert Advice and Sales

Top Coronary Stents from

Coronary Stents from

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Increase Your Facebook Likes and Fans Instantly with LikeBox

Dear Frozen Yogurt Entrepreneur,

How are you? You already know the importance of constant marketing for your self-serve frozen yogurt business.  The more research I have done on Facebook Marketing, the more I am convinced that it is the most cost effective tool in gathering and profiting from your best customers (your repeat customers). During the process of my research, I learned that many brick and mortar retail stores are not leveraging the power of Facebook in their own stores.  This lead me to the idea of creating “LikeBox” – A Facebook LikeBox for your store to multiply your LIKES in-store and reaching your best customers to become your loyal and repeat customers.  

Click on the link to Check out  LikeBox is a small countertop ipad based machine that offers your customers the ability to LIKE your store in an instant while at your store.  You can offer them incentives so that you can multiply your LIKES and create an army of fans for your frozen yogurt brand.

 To launch LikeBox, we have sourced this small countertop ipad based machine from another manufacturer. It will be coming in by December 15th.  If you like to see a demo, simply email myself so that I can arrange to show you the demo on the actual LikeBox machine.

 Thank you for your business.  Have a great weekend.  Best of Success,


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